Cutting edge performance

Clarifai gRPC is built to deliver lightweight microservices. This is one of the keys to Clarifai Amada’s ability to load and balance thousands of different instances of machine learning models, and deliver MLOps at scale. With low latency and high throughput communication, we can deliver high performance machine learning services…

By Jeff Toffoli

2021 is off to a strong start here at Clarifai. Our global team of designers, researchers and engineers is proud to introduce Clarifai Release 7.1. Our latest release includes major improvements and new features across our platform, with new tools for text search, data management, object…

ML in Modern Storytelling

By Team Clarifai

With over a billion uploads and over 5 million writers contributing every month, evaluating and sorting stories has become impossible for Wattpad to do manually.

This becomes particularly evident when you consider how complex stories are to begin with. There are a diverse set of building blocks that make up…

Industry 4.0 has been here for a decade and is developing in parallel with the fast-paced innovations in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) industry. At our recent Perceive 2020 conference, Qian Lin, Ph.D. of HP discussed the latest research in deep learning for visual inspection.

In comparison with industry…

Thomas Molfetto

Product Marketing, Clarifai

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